Fawn Monique

Just a small town girl, with her hand directly on the pulse of the makeup and fashion industry for the last fifteen years. Using a steady hand and an artist’s eye, she has enhanced the beautiful features of every client, ranging from an intimate bridal parties, up through the likes of high level celebrities such as; Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin, amongst other industry fan favorites. Starting in the salon industry and building a local reputation as the ‘go to” artist in the tri state area, she eventually attracted large scale designers and modeling agencies for NYC fashion week, Bridal Market, and Resort Market. As a result of that level of exposure, the demand increased exponentially. With thousands of hours completed, in the most cutting edge environments, the next focus is to inspire and empower future artists through education, instruction, and application. Opening two exclusive makeup studios in the last 18 months, and booking workshops for domestic and international instruction over the next calendar year. Nothing is beyond her reach towards total integration in regards to professional makeup artistry and instruction. In summary, a local mindset and adherence to quality and service, global experience and influence in regards to professionalism and execution. Quality, reliability, vision, innovator…. Fawn Monique